Add New Filters to iOS 7 Camera with Effects+ Cydia Tweak

Not happy with iOS 7 default filters in camera app? Well, if this is the case then I have found a cool new cydia tweak called Effects+ for you.


Effects+ is a new cydia tweak that will add as much as 23 new filters to default camera app in iOS 7. By default, Apple has added 8 filters in iOS 7 stock camera app so after installing Effects+ cydia tweak, the total number of filters will be 31. Other cool feature of this tweak includes the ability to show the filters in real-time like it will show you how photo will look like in that particular filter. Amazing!


Effects+ Cydia Tweak

Once installed, the new 23 filters will be accessible from same place where you find the default one i.e by tapping the 3 circles icon in camera app. Also if you want to remove any filter, you can simply do that from Effects+ settings which allow you to enable or disable any particular filter by simply dragging and dropping. The disabled filters will be removed immediately from the camera app filters section.

Effects+ requires your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to be jailbroken, so if you haven’t went through jailbreak process yet, then first jailbreak your iDevice before even thinking to install this cydia tweak. Once done with jailbreaking, you can install Effects+ from Cydia from free.


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