Add New Features to iPhone Stock Camera in iOS 7 with this Cydia Tweak

iPhone is known for its built quality and classy camera. Though the stock camera app in iOS 7 don’t offer much features but still most of iPhone user prefer it over the third party apps because it is very simple to use and also is very fast.


So if you like me don’t want to use any other camera app other than stock iPhone camera app and also you want Apple to add cool new features to it, then you have landed on right page. I am going to share with you a very amazing cydia tweak for iOS 7 which will add new features to iPhone stock camera in iOS 7. The name of that revolutionary cydia tweak is Camera Tweak 2 which will add powerful features to stock iPhone camera app in iOS 7. Though this tweak was already available in cydia but today it was updated to support iOS 7.


Add New Features to iPhone Stock Camera in iOS 7

How to Add New Features to iPhone Stock Camera in iOS 7

Camera Tweak 2 add many new features including separate focus, lapse timer mode, ability for users to choose from variety of resolutions, white balance lock and exposure views. I liked the separate focus feature the most as it gives you ability to focus two different areas for focus and exposure lock. This feature is very useful in low-light photography.

Camera Tweak 2

Apart from this feature, Camera Tweak 2 gives you variety of resolution options ranging from 144px to 2448px. Also the most wanted click a photo in video feature will also be added to stock app once you install this cydia tweak.

This Camera Tweak 2 cydia tweak is available under BigBoss repo for $1.49. This tweak is compatible with all iDevices running on iOS 7.


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