Add Emoji Support to Chrome with Chromoji

The most annoying problem with Chrome is lack of support for emoji characters. Thanks to free Chrome extensions called Chromoji which will add emoji support to Chrome web browser. If you have been using Google Chrome web browser for long time, you would have noticed that emoji characters doesn’t render well in it like it does in other browsers.


So this was very major problem with Chrome and most of users have stopped using Chrome just because of this and started using Firefox. The emoji is nowadays supported by almost all android as well as iOS devices but not by Chrome for desktop computers. Luckily we have got a cool chrome extensions called Chromoji that will add emoji support to Chrome.


Add Emoji Support to Chrome

How to Add Emoji Support to Chrome with Chromoji

So now (thanks to the extensions) adding the emoji support to Chrome desktop browser is very easy. All you need it just to download Chromoji extensions from Google Play Store and install it. Once you have installed this extension on your chrome browser, you will be able to see emoji characters instead of boxes in Google chrome browser.

Since this is chrome extensions so no matter which OS you are using like Mac OS X or Windows, the extension will work perfectly in both cases. Once this is installed, you will also be able to use the emoji characters in text messages using your favorite Chrome browser which by default lack this feature.

Download the Chromoji chrome extension from Chrome store and start adding emoji characters in your text messages.


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