5 New Cydia iOS 7 Tweaks: AppBox, QuickContacts, SMS Stats and More

Since the iOS 7 jailbreak, new cydia tweaks are releasing day by day. Today we will share 5 new Cydia iOS 7 tweaks with you to customize and maximize the potential on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.


New Cydia iOS 7 Tweaks for iPhone 5S, 5C, iPad Air and iPad Mini 2

The new cydia iOS 7 tweaks which will be share with you here today includes AppBox, QuickContacts, SMS Stats 2, FaceOff7 and Tweetbot 3 Stream for LTE/3G. We hope you will find these Cydia iOS Tweaks very useful. So behold go through the features of each of these cydia iOS 7 tweaks individually.


AppBox iOS 7

AppBox is great addition to cydia. This cydia tweak will act as an add-on for your jailbroken iPhone or iPad lockscreen and will give you quick instant access to your most used apps. So means after installing AppBox on your jailbroken iDevice, you won’t need to unlock your iDevice if you are in hurry and want to open some particular app. Also AppBox will give you access to your music playlist right on your iPhone lockscreen. AppBox is available in cydia for $0.99.


Tweetbot 3 Stream for LTE/3G

QuickContacts is yet another great cydia tweak which is packed with so many features that it deserve a new blog post. Once downloaded and installed from Cydia, QuickContacts will allow you to add your favorite contacts to your iPhone homescreen in spotlight area. Spotlight area means the area which appears after swiping down. QuickContacts is available in cydia store for $1.99.

SMS Stats 2

SMS Stats will add stats feature to iPhone stock messages app. After installing SMS Stats 2 cydia tweak, you will be able to check the SMS stats right the the default messages app on your iPhone.


This revolutionary cydia iOS 7 tweak will make the display of your iPhone smarter. Once FaceOff7 is downloaded from cydia, your iPhone display will turn off automatically when the proximity sensor is covered. Apart from this, FaceOff7 cydia iOS 7 tweak is packed with few more cydia tweaks which makes it even more cool. FaceOff7 tweak for iOS 7 is available in cydia for $0.99.

These cool cydia iOS 7 tweaks will surely make your jailbroken iDevice more smarter and useful. If you have found some cool cydia iOS 7 compatible tweak, then do share that with me so I can include that too in list.


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