5 Cool WinterBoard Themes for iOS 7 To Try on iPhone

With WinterBoard now available for iOS 7, its time to share with you few cool WinterBoard Themes for iOS 7 that you need to try on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


5 Cool WinterBoard Themes for iOS 7

Since WinterBoard for iOS is updated few days back s at the moment not much WinterBoard themes are available which supports iOS 7. But from the few themes which currently supports iOS 7, we have selected the best looking WinterBoard Themes iOS 7 themes to share with our readers.


It is a great WinterBoard iOS 7 theme which have rounded icons with cool look. Redsgn has over 110 custom flat icons with rounded corners which give this theme a great minimalistic look. Good news is that Redsgn is a free WinterBoard iOS 7 theme which can be downloaded from Cydia store.


Signa WinterBoard iOS 7 Theme

Signa is yet another cool looking WinterBoard theme which supports iOS 7. Having Signa WinterBoard theme installed on your iPhone will give a simple colorful look to your iPhone. It too has over 100 custom flash icons. Signa is available for $0.99.


Anycon WinterBoard iOS 7 Theme

Anycon is yet another premium WinterBoard theme for iPhone which is also iOS 7 compatible. Anycon is packed with over 80+ icons for users enjoyment. Anycon is available in Cydia for $2.99

0bscure 7

0bscure 7 WinterBoard iOS 7 Theme

0bscure 7 is simple black and white type WinterBoard iOS 7 theme for iPhone which will look cool on white iPhone. 0bscure 7 is available in Cydia for $0.99


Translucen WinterBoard iOS 7 Theme

Translucent is snow themed WinterBoard theme which supports iOS 7. Packed with simple and minimalistic design, the Translucent theme takes away the iOS 7 color and give them a snow like effect. The icons look like they are freezing in winter. Translucent is available in Cydia for free.

So these were the most cool Winterboard themes for iOS 7 which I suggest you to try on your iPhone. I am sure you would know the procedure to install Winterboard themes on your iPhone.


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